First Come, First Save


Who we are?

Thrift Haven is the world's best online thrift store where you can buy high-quality at a great price. Find your favorite products at up to 90% off.

Since its inception, Thrift Haven aimed to offer a unique retail experience. Our purpose is to offer sustainable shopping encounters for our customers. We curate products from millions of retailers returned and overstock every year because they lack the processing capabilities to re-sell them.

All the items that we re-sell are qualitative, functional and well-designed. They were simply removed from several retailers` stocks due to the inability to repurpose and re-sell them. So, if you are looking for both qualitative products and cost-effective prices, we at Thrift Haven have the perfect solution for you!

We believe that everyone can contribute to a positive impact and even small changes can lead to a notable difference. Re-selling products from top retailers is the best way towards a better tomorrow. And we continuously work hard to provide to our customers more by being innovative, modern, flexible and develop our concept at all times: first come, first save.


Thrift Haven Values

  • We are driven people and we value community, which is why you will always find with us tailored products to suit everyone`s needs. We commit to offer the best re-seller products at competitive and cost-effective prices.
  • We cherish creativity and we always seek to better the online shopping experience. Our customer`s opinion is important for us.
  • We value integrity and we seek to exemplify the highest standards an online re-seller shop must have. We will be uncompromising in our beliefs for what is good, sustainable and cost-effective.


How Thrift Haven Works?


So, we always seek to offer a smarter shopping experience, that will help our customers to save money, while feeling satisfied about the products they bought. The process revolving around the re-seller items we get from major retailers is simple and it can be described as it follows.


  1. Firstly, we receive each day returned or oversupplied items from the most prominent brands. Thrift Haven focuses on creating and improving the ecommerce trend with the aid of those brands that redirect excess products towards online customers.


  1. But keep in mind that we do not receive goods without analysing their condition, quality and ability to satisfy our customer`s expectations. We classify the re-seller products depending on their condition, meaning that you will be able to choose between several categories such as `new items`, `like-new items` or ` used and in a very good shape`.


  1. From this point on, you will simply add those products in your cart and receive the best prices. So, we aim to prevent useful goods from being sent to a waste land and, instead, we present them to potential customers. You will be amazed about how many qualitative products are featured amongst re-seller items!


Our motto, `First Come, First Save` sums up our approach towards the shopping experience. You can make a difference today by opting to purchase re-seller products that otherwise will be lost in landfills. Each day we add more and more products from retailers that do not have the means to re-use them.

It is simple to shop in a sustainable manner and receive the best prices on the market! Check out our catalogue to convince yourself about the products we curate!